DJ Piero Fidelfatti Essential Selection 1970/73
[ 09/03/2006 ]

 DJ Piero Fidelfatti Essential Selection 1970/73

(Private Home Party - Bar Zambon - Rhino Loft - Pagoda beach)
(Cichito Dancing / Shaker Club -Sottomarina VE - Ufo Club - TN
Whisky a Go Go RO- Jimmy Club MI)

Billy Preston   Outa Space
Pacific Gas & Electric Are You Ready
Led Zeppelin   Who Lotta Love/Moby Dick
Doobie Brothers  Long Train Running
Mandrill    Give it all
Incredible Bongo Band  Bongo Rock/Bongolia
Timmy Thomas   The Coldest Days of My Life
Stories    Broter Louie
Rare Heart   Get Ready
James brown   Sex Machine
Barabbas   Wild Safari
Timmy Thomas   Why can't we live together
Rufus Thomas   The Breackdown
Echoes of   Echoes of Jerusalem
Beginning of the end  Funky Nassau
The Equals   Black skinned blue eyed boys
Booker T and MG's  Melting pot
Creative Source   Who is he and what is he to you?
Joe Tex    I Gotcha
The Temptation   Masterpiece
Stevie Wonder   You are the sunshine of my life
The Undisputed true  Law of the Land
The Temptation   Ma
Manu Dibango   Soul Makossa
War    The disco Kid
Stevie Wonder   Superstition
Shoking Blue   Venus
Delirium    Jesahel
Popcorn Maker   Pop Corn
Titanic    Sultana
The Temptation   Papa Was a Rolling Stone

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